true nopal cactus water - new health drink
true nopal cactus water - 100% natural hydration

cactus water - it's true...

it's not easy surviving in the sonoran desert. but the nopal cactus does. and it doesn't just survive, it grows, it thrives, and even produces a fruit called the prickly pear. 

from it comes true nopal cactus water, 100% natural hydration, with no added sugars, no sodium, no preservatives, no fat and it's even gluten-free. and if that wasn't enough it tastes really good too. 

clean, crisp, refreshing, light, with berry undertones. oh, and did we mention that it has half the calories of coconut water? not bad for something that grows in the desert...

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Add a twist to your breakfast table with a simple but delicious 3 ingredient Raspberry Jelly Oats. πŸ₯„Soak oats, raspberries (frozen) and true nopal cactus overnight 🌡. The light, fruity berry notes of true nopal complement the flavours perfectly. Open and prepare to be taken back to childhood with a smell reminiscent of jelly and ice-cream! Yum. 🀀 πŸ“·: @healthyandpsyched View on Instagram

The Easter bunny bought us a few of our favourite things today, true nopal cactus water and mini chocolate eggs 😍🌡How has everyone's Easter Sunday been? View on Instagram

HAPPY EASTER! 🐰 Try an alternative smoothie bowl with our Easter themed chocolate berry platter. ... perfect to share, or indulge in for those chocoholics amongst us πŸ˜‰ Method : Blend a handful of strawberries and raspberries with 1/2 a carton of true nopal cactus water (it brings out the berry flavours even more). Split an Easter egg down the middle and simply fill. Top with cacao nibs and decorate with berries and flowers 🌼🌺 View on Instagram

Who else is excited for EASTER? We sure are, especially now we have our own little CACTUS EASTER EGG! 🌡πŸ₯š How do you plan to spend your Easter weekend? Let us know in the comments below πŸ‘‡ View on Instagram

Ours is a flat white, what's yours? β˜• . . . . . . . #flatwhite #friday #coffeetime ##fridaymood #friyay #truelove #truenopal #truenopaluk #cactuslove #cactus #vegansofig #vegan #dontjustsurvivethrive #breakfast #hydratenaturally #goodmorningpost #bankholiday #cleaneats View on Instagram

Pretty in pink. A beautiful bowl of smoothie goodness. RECIPE BELOW. Ingredients: 50ml true nopal 1 apple, chopped 45g jumbo rolled oats 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon Handful fresh raspberries (leave 1 or 2 to garnish) 1 drop rose water 1/4 teaspoon rose petals, to garnish (optional) 1 tbsp flaked almonds, to garnish. Method: Pour true nopal into a blender. Add the apple, oats, raspberries, cinnamon and rose water. Blend until smooth. Pour into a bowl and garnish with flaked almonds, raspberries and rose petals. Credit: @youneedant #vegansofig #superfoods #cleaneating #DontJustSurviveThrive #truenopal #truenopaluk #cactuswater #hydratenaturally #breakfast #health #vegan #veganfood #pricklypear #weekendvibes #weekend #toast #instagood #insta #picoftheday #vegansofinsta #gethealthy #smoothiebowl #berries #goodness #goodmorning #nurition #pretty #prettylittle #prettyinpink View on Instagram

Spiced apple pancakes, topped with gorgeous fresh berries and creamy yogurt for a little Saturday morning indulgence. Mmm mmm @charleyshealth 😍 View on Instagram

The Nopal cactus doesn't just survive, it thrives. Even at the foot of an active volcano. What a view. Not a bad place to 'grow' up eh 🌡. View on Instagram

The pricky pear. A real sight for 'sore' eyes 😍 be sure to not βœ‹ one πŸ€•. View on Instagram

100% natural cactus water

100% natural hydration

our health drink is gluten free

gluten free

our health drink is vegan friendly


our cactus drink contains no preservatives

no preservatives

our cactus water contains no salt

no sodium

our cactus water contains no added sugars

no added sugars

our cactus drink contains artificial colours

no artificial flavours

our health drink is fat free

no fat

be a cactUS not a cactI...

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