true nopal cactus water - new health drink
true nopal cactus water - 100% natural hydration

cactus water - it's true...

it's not easy surviving in the sonoran desert. but the nopal cactus does. and it doesn't just survive, it grows, it thrives, and even produces a fruit called the prickly pear. 

from it comes true nopal cactus water, 100% natural hydration, with no added sugars, no sodium, no preservatives, no fat and it's even gluten-free. and if that wasn't enough it tastes really good too. 

clean, crisp, refreshing, light, with berry undertones. oh, and did we mention that it has half the calories of coconut water? not bad for something that grows in the desert...

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The pricky pear. A real sight for 'sore' eyes 😍 be sure to not ✋ one 🤕. View on Instagram

These are a few of our favourite things 🎶 True nopal cactus water + avo on toast + coffee = breakfast done right. Courtesy of the amazing @foodfitnessflora. What is your go-to breakfast? View on Instagram

A late lunch on the go courtesy of @nourishingamelia. Homemade pesto pasta with tomato & spinach, a satsuma & cashews, washed down with a refreshing true nopal cactus water. #DontJustSurviveThrive View on Instagram

Start your day the right way, with 100% natural hydration 🌵The perfect Sunday morning accessory 🌄 #DontJustSurviveThrive View on Instagram

Meet the Nopal cactus. It doesn't just survive, it thrives. It even produces an amazing fruit called the pricky pear. We've combined the two. True nopal cactus water, made with the prickly pear for 100% desert inspired hydration🌵 #DontJustSurviveThrive View on Instagram

Nail Workout Wednesdays with a refreshing, tasty alternative to water. 📷: @eatnourishlove . . . #workout #workoutwednesday #cactus #truenopal #wednesday #fitness #health #vegan #veganfood #noaddedsugar #dontjustsurvive #dontjustsurvivethrive #glutenfree #postworkout #nutrition View on Instagram

Winter to Spring...Spring to Winter, who doesn't love the UK's every changing weather? 🙄 We love this Spring snap by @hipandhealthy and with 100% natural hydration and a refreshing fruit taste, cactus water is perfect in all weather! ❄️🌺 #dontjustsurvivethrive View on Instagram

Start the week right with a mouthwatering berry smoothie bowl, full of tasty berries and true nopal cactus water. Throw on some fresh berries and pomegrante seeds for some extra flavour and add in cactus water to bring out the berry tones even more. INGREDIENTS • 1.5 frozen bananas • 150g frozen raspberries • 80ml @truenopaluk Cactus Water • 1 tsp cashew butter (optional but makes it even more creamy!) • Any toppings you fancy! Method - Simply add all the ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth and creamy! You'll need to give the mixture a stir a couple of times to ensure it's all blending properly. Then pour the thick mixture into a bowl and decorate with whatever your heart desires 🥄 #truenopaluk #cactuswater #dontjustsurvivethrive Credit to the amazing @nourishingamelia View on Instagram

Still feeling the Valentines love? ❤️ Show that special someone you care with a pink smoothie bowl made with true nopal cactus water. Enjoy a fruity, berry taste with no added sugar and 100% natural hydration. Tag someone who'd enjoy this! RECIPE: - 220ml true nopal cactus water - 1 small banana (frozen)🍌, 5 big strawberries🍓, 1 heaped tbsp coconut cream 🥥 - 1 handful of ice. METHOD: BLEND. Credit to the amazing: @healthyandpsyched Find your nearest stockist here: . . . #cactuslover #dontjustsurvivethrive #valentines #smoothiebowl #smoothie #pink #vegan #veganfood #veganrecipes #fruit #valentinesday #dont #health #dairyfree #cactus #cactuswater View on Instagram

100% natural cactus water

100% natural hydration

our health drink is gluten free

gluten free

our health drink is vegan friendly


our cactus drink contains no preservatives

no preservatives

our cactus water contains no salt

no sodium

our cactus water contains no added sugars

no added sugars

our cactus drink contains artificial colours

no artificial flavours

our health drink is fat free

no fat

be a cactUS not a cactI...

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